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DUO SILENT + is a noise noise insulation subsite for intermediatefloor coverings with aluminium foil vapour and radon barrier. This sublay is designed to improve the insulation properties of the concrete floors, while providing a strong vapour barrier that helps to avoid the concentration of humidity in the upper layers of the black floor, thereby protecting the flooring from potential degradation and improving the overall climate in the room.

Thanks to a modern formula and the latest innovative manufacturing technology, the material has good mechanical properties. Duo Silent + is a threelayer subclave. The bottom and bottom line is composed of foamed lowdensity polyethylene with closed cell structure. The middle part of the subassembly is a metallised foil serving as a vapour barrier. The product is made of certified materials, parstradable and not hazardous to the environment or to human life and health. Does not contain freon and its compounds

In addition to Duo Silent +, it should be known that the sublay is made of foamed lowdensity polyethylene without the use of substances that deplete the ozone layer. The product is made of certified materials, is recyclable and not hazardous to the environment or to human life and health. Does not contain freon and its compounds.



“Albau” is a distributor of building materials and building materials, which started its activity in 2012 and offers customers only proven products, the quality of which is assured! The company operates in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and continues to expand. Duo Silent + is a brand that offers a collision noise insulation sub-deck, intermediate-floor flip-flops with aluminum foil steam and radon barrier..

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Company nameSIA “ALBAU”
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Legal address20k-1-14, Tālivalža iela, Rīga, LV-1006, Latvija
Office address„Ritvari”, Rumbula, Stopiņi, LV-2121, Latvija
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